Assignment #1 – The Journal    Regular weekly entries of approximately 250-400 words will be required throughout the term in order to record and analyze your personal observations about the various aspects of acting that we cover in class. Each entry should attempt to answer the questions, 

  1. What event of importance to me has happened in class? 
  2. What do I think about what I have experienced? 
  3. How do I feel about what I have experienced? 
  4. As importantly the question should also be asked, what causes me to react in this way? 


The primary goal of the journal is to train oneself to observe human actions analytically in order to better understand the psychological basis of characterization. 

The journal should be submitted to me by email each week by Sunday at 10:00 pm.


Assignment #2     The Soundscape – the class will be divided into small groups each of which will create a sound atmosphere lasting approximately ten minutes. The project will be prepared outside of regular class meetings and will be presented to the class as a whole. The aim is to explore group dynamics by sharing ideas and skills and to develop sensitivity to the aural world in which we live and the imaginary world (in) which we create. This is also an opportunity for you to be creative. 

An additional more comprehensive project description will be provided.

Assignment #3     Character Study – during preparations for this exercise we will focus on the creation of a single, fully integrated persona. The goal is to learn how to be able to respond as your character spontaneously in any situation or environment that may be presented to you. We will also work towards extended group interactions between these characters during this project. 

An additional more comprehensive project description will be provided in class.


Assignment #4     Scene Study – in partners, members of the class will present prepared scenes of approximately 5 minutes in length. The aim is to further develop concentration skills as well as a heightened awareness of your partner’s requirements in the scene. We will also focus on the characterization. In addition we will begin to explore the techniques of text analysis. 

An additional more comprehensive project description will be provided.

Performance Reviews          You will also be required to write two critical reviews* of theatrical presentations which will focus specifically on performance. The reviews will be at least 1200 words in length (maximum 1500 words) and will evaluate two of the performances in each of these productions by assessing the character requirements as created by the playwright, by identifying the acting style determined by the director’s production concept and by evaluating the acting choices made by these performers. (*It is required that you write one of your reviews on the Drama Department major production, The Threepenny Opera by Bertholt Brecht as well as one other professional production this term. An optional bus trip to the Thousand Islands


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