Course Schedule

Weeks 1-6      class members will participate in exercises in the following areas
                       i) movement   ii) voice   iii) emotional recall   iv) observation
                       v) relaxation   and vi) spontaneity 


The intent during the first half of the course is to explore the actor’s instrument both internal and external in order to establish a context for skill development. It is also imperative that an atmosphere of mutual respect be established in the class in order to allow all students the opportunity for personal growth.

Weeks 7-12    the class will focus on the following topics
             i) creating character   ii) text analysis   iii) scene study     

During the second half of the term the class will participate in exercises that help delineate characterization through the use of the actor’s instrument. ‘Text’ will be created for these characters in an environment that promotes spontaneity. These activities will lead the student into Exercises #3 and #4


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